Festive Season Begins!

There’s snow falling on my blog so you know what that means!  Yup it’s December!  We’ve started our advent calendars, the Christmas tree is up and the wreath is on the front door…we. are. READY!  Although I haven’t finished Christmas shopping but that’s ok as it’s cyber Monday today so I can get some deals (hopefully!).  

Did any of you get any good finds on black Friday?  We saw there was a great deal on a TV in Asda so we went down there early and stood around until 8 am which was when they unveiled the items.  We weren’t in a big city so it wasn’t that busy, and people were extremely polite.  It was completely stress free which isn’t what you expect for any black Friday situation!  We heard stories on the news that night of people getting arrested and fighting etc (even in England!) so we were very happy we had an easy time!

Hope your weekends were good!  Every Saturday afternoon they’ll be playing a Harry Potter movie so we sat down and watched the first one this weekend while enjoying some Christmas chocolates 🙂  We also washed the car on Saturday (by ‘we’ obviously I mean Rob…though I vacuumed the inside!) so it’s spotless and shiny again.

Have you guys finished your Christmas shopping?  Or not even started yet?  There are some great deals online today so it’s definitely a good day to get some done!

Thanks for reading!



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