My Must See Christmas Movies

How did everyone do on Cyber Monday?!  I managed to get everything on my Christmas present list (on sale yay!) and now get to sit and wait for them to be delivered so I can start wrapping and putting them under the tree!

I love this time of year, everyone’s cheerful (well…most people anyway!), Christmas lights are everywhere, you get to wrap up in your warmest, softest scarves and hats, see your loved ones faces when they open their gift on Christmas Day, there’s Christmas music… AND you get to watch Christmas movies!!! Does it get any better?!

Here is a list of the movies I’ll be trying to fit in this Christmas season:

1. Love Actually – This ones a given, right?!

2. Elf – Always puts a smile on our faces!

3. Surviving Christmas – I remember this one came out in October and no one seemed to think that was weird!  Anyway, it’s a bit of a strange one but I love it, plus James Gandolfini

4. The HolidayCameron Diaz’s clothes in this movie and Jude Law are all I need…maybe that house in LA too because it is PERFECTION!  Of course the story line isn’t bad either and gives you the warm and fuzzy’s.

5. Scrooged Bill Murray…enough said.

6. Home Alone – One of my all time favs.  The family, Joe Pesci, and that house…love.  Definitely one of the Christmas classics!

7. Bad Santa – It’s so inappropriate and foul…obviously I love it.

8. National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation – It’s not Christmas in our house until this movie has been on.

9. The Muppet Christmas Carol – The songs, the Muppets, Michael Caine…you really can’t go wrong!

10. It’s a Wonderful Life – Rob introduced me to this one last year (how had I never seen this one!?!?) and I LOVED it

Top Christmas Movies

What movies would you add to this list?  Let me know your favourite Christmas movies that you just have to watch every year!

Thanks for reading!



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