Whitehall Garden Centre

For some reason, we decided to go to a popular Garden Centre…on a Saturday afternoon…just before Christmas…GREAT idea!!  Of course it was full of people looking for Christmas trees, decorations, lights, and to meet Santa!  We weren’t even looking to buy anything, we just wanted to see the beautiful Christmas decorations they have every year!  So we wandered around through the crowds, taking pictures and soaking in every last drop of Christmas spirit we could find…there was a lot!

They also had a Santa’s Grotto and an outdoor ice rink!  It’s a great garden centre and I wish we could afford some of their awesome decorations!  Maybe next year…

Before we went I managed to get a couple of presents wrapped.  I’m still waiting for a few to be delivered but I hate having presents in the house that haven’t been wrapped…just in case the wrong person were to find them.  They were in their delivery packaging but I would still rather have them happily sitting under the tree!

How’s everyone’s build up to Christmas going?  Stress free I hope!  Maybe try to sneak off and relax in a bubble bath with some Christmas juice (aka wine!) if you need a break!

Thanks for reading!




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