Bath Christmas Market

As Bath is one of our favourite cities, it’s no surprise that we made the trip to go to the Bath Christmas Market.  With over 150 stalls set up in the streets around the Roman Baths and Bath Abbey, all wooden chalet style, they sell everything from mulled wine to hand-made glass to baby clothes.  It looked so beautiful once the sun had gone down and the Christmas lights had come on, they really made it magical.  They even have a large carousel which fit in perfectly!  We went on Sunday so it was pretty busy, but there was free parking in the Royal Victoria Park so if you’re looking to go there’s a little tip for you!

Bath Christmas Market

We had a great time wandering the streets and looking at all the stalls.  Just when you thought you’d seen everything, you turn the corner and there’s another street full!  Each corner having another delicious smell to go with it.  If you live close enough and have the chance to go I would definitely recommend it to anyone!  It ends on December 15th though so get down there quick!

On the walk from the park to the market we passed Bath On Ice, which is the Christmas ice rink they’ve set up.  There was a lot of people on quite a small rink so we just stood and watched for a bit before heading off to the market.

If the Bath Christmas Market doesn’t get you in the Christmas spirit, nothing will!  We loved it and will definitely go back in the future.

We went for dinner at ASK before we left Bath and I had the most delicious dessert, a honeycomb cheesecake…just those two words together equal perfection.  This picture makes my mouth water.

My amazing honeycomb cheesecake from ASK

Another outing done to put us in the Christmas mood!

Have any of you been to the Bath Christmas Market before?  Let me know what you thought!

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