Another Update

I’ve had almost a month away from the blog, just being with family and dealing with everything that’s been happening.  In my last post I talked a bit about what was going on with my Mum and that we were given some bad news.  We were told she didn’t have long left with us, approximately 6 months.

That was December 23rd. On February 8th, my beautiful Mum lost her fight against cancer and passed away peacefully with her family by her side.

There are no words to describe this feeling.  We were so close and I miss her so much it hurts.  I’m in shock that she’s actually gone, in denial that I will never see her again, angry, heartbroken and just so so sad. We always had such a great relationship, and being a Mother and a Wife was all she ever wanted or needed to make her life complete.

We’re helping each other through this and trying to stay busy. Taking care of each other and keeping her alive in our hearts.

She has been and always will be the voice in my head, guiding me through.

Someone sent me this and it is beautiful:


I should be back blogging soon.  I miss it and am excited to start again.
Everyone that has stuck with me, thank you for your patience!


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