Favourite Time of The Year

Other than Christmas of course!

Are you guys ready for the Oscars!? Ever since I can remember I’ve loved it and it’s been my favourite awards show, followed very closely by the Golden Globes (they always seem to have more fun at the Globes…Amy & Tina hosting helps!). The Oscars are coming up very soon and I for one am counting down the days. This year the race is soo close and at the moment anyone could squeak by with a win.

Will it finally be Leo’s year!? Will MacConaughey get to permanently shed his rom com reputation!? Will newcomer Lupita Nyong’o de-throne America’s Sweetheart Jennifer Lawrence?!  I cannot wait to get the answers to these questions…and of course to find out what the genetically blessed are wearing to the event.

The Olympics were brilliant, but now that we’re all feeling the withdrawal not getting to watch it all day, every day, it’s helping to have something to look forward to!  The 86th Academy Awards air on March 2nd and will be hosted by Ellen Degeneres, will you be tuning in?

This week we’ll be catching up on all the nominated movies we haven’t seen yet.

A movie lovers favourite time of the year? Definitely 

I’ll leave you with this cute YouTube video my friend sent me today.  Kids acting out scenes from nominated movies:

Let me know if you’re excited for the show!

Thanks for reading!



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