Things Making Me Happy Recently

There hasn’t been much to smile about around here over the last few weeks.  After everything we’ve been through, I’m trying to learn to appreciate the things that bring some joy into my life. Here are just a few of them from the past few days:

A couple of recent purchases from Topshop and New Look


House of Cards Season 2

(So sad we’ve finished the season! Get on this bandwagon if you haven’t already, you won’t regret it!)

House of Cardssource

The Walking Dead
(Thank God we have this still!)

The Walking Deadsource

Canada winning Gold for the Mens and Womens ice hockey in Sochi

HockeyWomen’s source ~ Men’s source

These soft pastels for allowing me to just relax and escape for a while


And finally, this lavender tree. Bought for us by Rob’s Mum, in memory of my Mum

Lavender Tree

Hope everyone’s had a great week, thanks for reading!



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