A Bit of Bristol Shopping

Bristol has the largest Primark outside of London, it’s massive and it’s the closest one to us (until Bath gets its own Primark sometime this summer! Can’t wait!). So a trip to Bristol isn’t complete without stopping in and spending a small amount on a few things!

Living close to a lot of countryside and wanting to get out and explore a little bit I knew I needed to purchase some wellies! It’s quite muddy round these parts so I picked up a nice cheap pair that I think look pretty good quality for the £12 I paid for them! I also got some summer sandals for £4, a pretty mint green and gold necklace for a whopping £3 and a lovely coral scarf for I think £6. For Rob we found a great Marvel t-shirt for £6 that I don’t think he’s taken off since we got home (don’t ask how I managed to get it for these pictures! I’m sneaky like that)!





We also stopped by Ikea because any time we’re in the vicinity of an Ikea we have to go in and pretend we’re designing a whole house…then just buy a couple of little things and go home completely exhausted. Anyone else do that? No?…just us then.

IkeaYou like my new kitchen/living room? I got comfy real quick

IkeaWe finally bought a frame and hung this collage picture Rob made me for Christmas a few years ago! You can’t rush these things…

IkeaI picked up this pretty pink Skurar candle holder and white plant pot. Love the detailing on these.

Now we just have to wait and see which of my new shoes I get to wear first…my summery sandals or those wellies! We shall see…

Thanks for reading!



2 thoughts on “A Bit of Bristol Shopping

  1. Lets hope the sandals get an airing before the wellies LOL I haven’t been to Ikea for ages I must go now I’ve seen your photos 😀

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