Country Life

Wow this week has gone by quick! Not sure where the time went but here we are at another Friday! Hope you all had a good week and had Spring finally show up, wherever you may be!
And if it still hasn’t arrived yet…it will happen I promise!! 

Here are a few pictures from around here lately. We had a lovely sunny day in Bath, a delicious meal in TGI Friday’s in Bristol, where I got to enjoy a refreshing Moosehead beer (felt like I was back in Canada!), a terrifying drive home in fog, and a relaxing countryside stroll. We also got to drive nice and slowly behind a learner, twice on the same road, but not just any learner…it was a tank! Yup…#countryproblems 

We enjoyed a delicious Sunday Roast at The Royal Oak in Corsley, one of our favourite pubs. It was the day before St Patrick’s Day and they had Morris dancers outside doing their thing. We got to watch them from our table and other than being dangerously close to our car at times, it was pretty entertaining!

BathThe sun shining and people snapping a pic of Sally Lunn’s, one of the oldest houses in Bath

BathSome beautiful daffodils alone the River Avon in Bath

Moosehead Enjoying my Moosehead in TGI Friday’s in Bristol

FogA picture of the fog we had to drive in for over an hour…well, Rob had to while I was a terrified passenger. This picture’s actually come out pretty clear compared to what we could see!

Sunny WalkGoing for a nice walk and wishing we had a dog with us like every other person out there that day!

HorseSaw this big guy while wandering around. I love the sound of horses walking, something about it is so relaxing.

Royal OakAt The Royal Oak for Sunday lunch

Morris DancersThe Morris dancers we watched through the window…we got to keep an eye on the car too!

TankAnd last but definitely not least, the learner tank we got stuck behind on the road…twice!

We’re ending this week by going to a pub quiz at the local golf club tonight, we just hope we don’t come in last place!

We’ll see…

Thanks for reading!



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