Wishlist Wednesday

It was National Stationary Week last week so I’m a bit late with this wishlist but hey, we love stationary all year round so it’s fine right? I’m a sucker for a pretty notebook. Always have been, and I’m definitely ok with that. There is so much beautiful stationary around these days it’s hard to narrow anything down…I want it all!! I’d love to have a pretty office that I could fill with desk accessories, storage, and notebook after notebook. Maybe one day but for now this wishlist will have to do!

Here are just a few of my favourites at the moment:

StationaryTaking Tea Stitched Large Notebook ~ Taking Tea Metal In-Tray ~ Floral Pocket Notebook Set ~ Typewriter Journal ~ Street Scene A5 Notebook ~ Liberty Floral Notebook ~ Rose Mechanical Pen ~ Cath Kidston Bright Daisy Notebook ~ Ink Press A5 Notebook ~ Taking Tea Metal Pen Pot ~ Tulips A6 Notebook ~ Caroline Gardener Multi Notebook ~ Leathersmith Of London Chelsea Leather Notebook ~ Cath Kidston Mini Journals

Most of these are from either Paperchase or John Lewis, they have a great selection. When we lived in Australia I discovered another amazing place to buy stationary called Kikki K. I could spend ages in there just looking at every. single. thing…now I do that on their website instead! They ship internationally but it’s not cheap so I tend to just window shop. Click on the image below if you feel like doing the same, be warned though! If you like stationary it could become your new favourite place!

Kikki K

Aaaand there goes my afternoon…

Thanks for reading!



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