Park & Slide

Bristol had quite the festivities going on over the bank holiday weekend, including a food festival, Morris dancing, street cricket, kayaking for kids, an auto show, and the event we had all been waiting for…the ‘Park & Slide’; a water slide going down Park Street! Over 96,000 people entered the ballot to be chosen to go down said slide, but only 360 people got a golden ticket (we weren’t one of them!). It was all part of the ‘Make Sunday Special’ initiative that’s just started in Bristol, where the first Sunday of each month from now until September will be full of fun events and interesting things to see and do. (Don’t you kinda wish you lived here!?)

The ‘Park & Slide’ project is an interactive temporary installation by artist Luke Jerram, a 90-metre (295ft) slide made from hay bails, plastic sheets, washing up liquid and water, placed on a main street in Bristol for one day only. People went down it on an inflatable lilo, one at a time. Luke wants people to look at their city in a new light, to use the urban landscape in a playful way, and I think this idea did just that. It’s also inspired a lot more ideas to bring out your inner child and is allowing people to think outside the box regarding how our roads and buildings can be used. We’ll just have to watch this space to see what fabulous idea gets approved next! 😀

Bristol Park & Slide

Bristol Park & Slide

Bristol Park & Slide

Bristol Park & Slide

Bristol Make Sunday Special

Bristol Make Sunday Special

Bristol Make Sunday Special

Even though we weren’t one of the lucky ones that got to experience the slide, we still enjoyed being there and watching people go down…though it was definitely slower than everyone thought it would be! I hope they repeat this event every year, maybe one day we’ll get to be one of the few that get to go for a slide!

Here’s a quick 13 second video of someone taking their turn:

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