Smiles All Round

FlowersJust a few of the beautiful flowers popping up in my Dads garden

We got engaged and then I disappeared for a week. How rude!

So where have I been?! Well, Rob and I went up to Rochdale (close to Manchester) to visit his family and to let them know the news. We drove up there and stayed for a few days. Those few days were full of late boozy nights, hanging out with family, sleeping in, showing off my engagement ring, a day out in York and shopping in my favourite mall…The Trafford Centre.

A few other things making me smile recently…

~ Getting emails from friends on the other side of the world, making you feel closer than you actually are.

~ All the Congratulations we’ve received regarding our engagement! Thank you!

~ Having a little black cat sneak into our house and surprise me by pushing my bedroom door open with his nose while I was watching YouTube videos! He was adorable, but realised pretty quickly that he doesn’t live here and left when I said hello!

~ Filling up on delicious tapas then ordering the best cheesecake I think I’ve ever had. It had a digestive biscuit base, honeycomb pieces, chocolate sauce and malteasers on top. I’m drooling just thinking about it!

~ The beautiful powder blue De’Longhi kettle and toaster gifted to us by Robs Mum. We’ve always admired them (any time we browse department stores picking furniture etc for our dream home…just us?!), but never thought we could afford any decent appliances! It may sound pretty sad but I can’t wait to use them! Oh the exciting life I lead…


I hope you all had a great weekend! Let me know what has been making you smile!



Last Day As A 28 Year Old

DaffodilsThe daffodils finally flowered 🙂

Tomorrow is my birthday and my 20’s are almost over! One year left! I’m not doing anything special to celebrate, just dinner with my Dad and Rob.

There may be 2 birthday cakes thanks to both of the men in my life secretly getting one (not that I’m complaining!), and there may also be a couple of presents for me, from…me  😀  why not right?!

It’s a bittersweet birthday because it’s the first one without my Mum. I’m trying not to focus on the fact that she isn’t here but it breaks my heart as we moved back to England to be closer to family and now she’s gone. It would’ve been wonderful to have her here with us but I’ve got Rob and I’ve got my Dad so I’m thankful for that.

We’ll get the champagne out and toast to her, because obviously I wouldn’t be here without her!

Hope you all enjoyed some sunshine on the first day of April and didn’t get fooled too many times!


A Song For Your Saturday

Tomorrow is Mother’s Day here in the UK. We’ve had endless reminders on TV and in every shop since the beginning of March, which is great for people that may need that little reminder to pick up a card/flowers, but not so great when you’ve just lost your Mum less than two months ago.

It hasn’t been easy seeing advert after advert and signs everywhere about Mother’s Day and how to show your Mums she’s appreciated and loved. Trust me I would if I could!

So today’s song is for my Mum.
She absolutely loved Elvis and any time I hear his voice it reminds me of her.

Here’s an upbeat song for your weekend with some classic Elvis moves. No sad songs here, she definitely wouldn’t have wanted that.

So make sure to tell your Mum how much you love her and appreciate her. Whether that’s with a card, flowers, lunch somewhere or even just a phone call.
Better yet, show her every day and not just on the day we’re told to!
And for everyone else that’s having to spend Mother’s Day without their Mum around anymore, I’m sending you a massive hug!

Thinking of you always Mum.