Wishlist Wednesday

My wishlist this time around comes to us from Oasis! I haven’t really bought much from there recently, I think I forget about it and go straight to the usual suspects instead (h&m, Zara, Topshop…) but after one of my recent sweater purchases from ASOS turned out to be by Oasis, I though I’d have a quick browse of the website and I liked what I saw! Here are my favourites:

Oasis Wishlist

Leather Zip Top Purse ~ Whitney Weave Saddle Bag ~ Umbrella ~ Bird Print Vest ~ Stripe Shirt ~ Anchor Print Shirt ~ Ice Blue Cascading Drop Earrings ~ Stripe T-Shirt (similar) ~ Layla Leather Sandals ~ Pretty Pearl Necklace ~ Flamingo Socks

They have a lot of really nice summer stuff, with great patterns and prints. Their sock selection is also pretty awesome I must say!

I would definitely recommend a browse!


Wishlist Wednesday

If ever there was motivation to get out there and get a steady paycheck coming in (aka a job), it’s spending time on Zara’s website! Drooling over the new arrivals and wanting to add everything to my wardrobe IMMEDIATELY! Being unemployed though, as I am, none of this can be mine…yet.

Zara is definitely bringing their A-game for Spring/Summer. These are so beautiful I’d take (almost) any job in order to afford them.

Here are some of the items filling my digital shopping bag (can you tell I’m loving this pastel trend?!):

ZaraSweater with Appliques ~ Sky Blue Coat ~ Pointy Shoes with Ankle Strap ~Yellow Coat ~ Multi-Stones Necklace ~ Mini City Bag ~ Dress With Rhinestone Necklace ~ Geometric Print Trousers ~ Combined Leather High Heel Shoe ~ Dress with Box-Pleated Skirt ~ Knee-Length Fine Pleat Skirt ~ Turquoise Diamante Necklace ~ Pleated Print Skirt ~ Mini City Bag with Zip Detail

This is just the tip of the iceberg…but short of including two thirds of their stock I thought I’d only show the absolute favourites!

I’ll leave you with these beauties while I go and work on my resume…

Thanks for reading!


Oscars Overload

I found that one of the good things about living in Vancouver was the time zone it’s in. Vancouver is behind everyone so it means that a show that airs at 8:30pm in Toronto is on at 5:30pm over there…perfect for someone like me who is over the late nights, and who likes to get a full 8 hours sleep! (I’m a bit of a granny like that!). Unfortunately being back in England meant the Oscars weren’t on until 1:30am here.

So it’s safe to assume I wasn’t one of the people pulling an all-nighter to see who got the golden statues. Instead I very sensibly recorded the big show and happily enjoyed soaking it all in this afternoon (somehow managing to avoid any spoilers before hitting play!). Complete with the fast forward button for the many advert breaks…just the way I like it.

I thought Ellen did a great job, and made me want pizza half way through!  The clothes were beautiful and the awards went to the right people (albeit a tiny bit predictable…but that’s ok!)
Lupita was stunning, Jared Leto inspiring, Gravity cleaned up, Jim Carey was hilarious, 12 Years A Slave rightfully won Best Picture, and Bill Murray was there being his usual awesome self.

I don’t remember other years having a theme, maybe they did and I just didn’t notice, but this one did and it was heroes. They filled the show with a ton of hero montages which, don’t get me wrong, were so cool but made it way too long. Again, glad for that fast forward button!

My favourite outfit of the night belongs to…well it’s a tie, between Lupita and Kate Hudson:

Lupita Nyong'osource
Lupita looking like a princess

Kate Hudsonsource
Great choice, old Hollywood glamour.

Some special mentions going to Cate Blanchett, Olivia Wilde and Camila Alves:
Cate Blanchettsource
This dress looked so beautiful on screen. Not very risky, like her usual choices, but very pretty.

Olivia Wildesource
So elegant and classic. Love that it has pockets too.

Camila Alvessource
This colour makes me smile, and she is so gorgeous

I didn’t hate anyone’s dress but I wasn’t keen on the choices of Anne Hathaway or Anna Kendrick:

Anne Hathawaysource
Bit boring for me…sorry Anne!

Anna Kendricksource
I love Anna Kendrick, and usually her dress choices, but this was so wrong.

I’ll end the post with some eye candy…the best dressed Men of the evening. Let’s be honest though, it doesn’t matter what this lot wear, we’re happy looking.   
I’m going with Leonardo DiCaprio, Bradley Cooper and Pharrell Williams (can you believe Pharrell is 40!? 40! Amazing):

Leonardo DiCapriosource
Your name might not have been called this year Leo,  but don’t worry my friend, your time will come. In the meantime…keep looking like this, ok?

Bradley Coopersource
Bradley Cooper pulling off ‘dressed up rugged’ pretty well.

Pharrell Williams, Helen Lasichanhsource
Only you Pharrell, only you.

Pharrell’s performance was one of my favourite parts of the show. Getting Lupita, Meryl and more up dancing with him was great, the dancers on the stage were brilliant and that song just really makes you happy (funny that…)!

Did you watch the 86th Academy Awards? What did you think of the show?

Let me know!

Thanks for reading!