Wishlist Wednesday

If ever there was motivation to get out there and get a steady paycheck coming in (aka a job), it’s spending time on Zara’s website! Drooling over the new arrivals and wanting to add everything to my wardrobe IMMEDIATELY! Being unemployed though, as I am, none of this can be mine…yet.

Zara is definitely bringing their A-game for Spring/Summer. These are so beautiful I’d take (almost) any job in order to afford them.

Here are some of the items filling my digital shopping bag (can you tell I’m loving this pastel trend?!):

ZaraSweater with Appliques ~ Sky Blue Coat ~ Pointy Shoes with Ankle Strap ~Yellow Coat ~ Multi-Stones Necklace ~ Mini City Bag ~ Dress With Rhinestone Necklace ~ Geometric Print Trousers ~ Combined Leather High Heel Shoe ~ Dress with Box-Pleated Skirt ~ Knee-Length Fine Pleat Skirt ~ Turquoise Diamante Necklace ~ Pleated Print Skirt ~ Mini City Bag with Zip Detail

This is just the tip of the iceberg…but short of including two thirds of their stock I thought I’d only show the absolute favourites!

I’ll leave you with these beauties while I go and work on my resume…

Thanks for reading!




The word that pretty much sums up our lives at the moment!  Currently, I’m waiting for the mail man to deliver my brand new Filofax that took 3 weeks to get here!  Once that’s arrived we’ll be going for a run so I’m sitting here ready to go, watching The View and just waiting (Rob’s in bed obviously).

Other things we’re waiting for right now:

  • To finally get paid for the two days I worked last Monday and Tuesday…no big deal but I don’t want to work for free thanks
  • For the interviews to start happening please
  • To start work!!
  • Of course after those things happen I will be waiting for my savings to go up
  • I’m also waiting to be able to afford fitness and yoga classes at the community centre down the street, my exercise DVD will do for now but doing the same stuff over and over makes it really hard to get motivated to do it
  • For Rob to start his job so at least one of us is getting out there, meeting people and having a reason to get up each day!
  • We’re also waiting for our friend Sean (who we met while living in Banff) to get here later this week or early next week!  He’ll be staying with us while he gets settled out here

Unfortunately most of the things we’re waiting for are money related which is depressing.  Once both of us have jobs though and feel a bit more financially comfortable then we can stop stressing and start actually living here, so for now we just have to wait…