A Song For Your Saturday

I have had this little blog for just over a year now, and recently I have been feeling¬†like it’s time for a change. The free WordPress blogs are great but can also be quite limiting regarding what you can and can’t do, with themes etc. I’m craving more control and freedom to run my small corner of the web my way.

SO! A change is on the horizon…soon I hope! I’ll keep you posted!

With the theme being ‘change’ today there was only one choice for the weekend song! Seal’s cover of A Change Is Gonna Come

I’m a huge fan of this song…and that incredible voice of his, enjoy!

Have a fabulous weekend!



A Song For Your Saturday

Mrs. Doubtfire¬†is one of those movies that, when it’s on TV, you can’t¬†not watch it! It’s still hilarious and moving, and is definitely on our list of favourites. Last month it was announced that¬†they’re making a sequel to the 1993 Robin Williams classic¬†(please please please don’t screw it up!!).¬†It will either be the best thing ever or will be a gigantic¬†mistake.¬†My fingers are crossed!

Anyway, in honour of everyone’s favourite nanny¬†(other than Mary Poppins of course!)¬†the song this week is¬†Dude (Looks Like A Lady)¬†by Aerosmith…they just don’t make music videos like this anymore…

Have a great weekend! ¬†And if the weather isn’t great where you are, maybe just curl up on the couch and enjoy a nostalgic afternoon with a great movie, and let Robin Williams remind you why he’s a comedy legend!