Wishlist Wednesday

If ever there was motivation to get out there and get a steady paycheck coming in (aka a job), it’s spending time on Zara’s website! Drooling over the new arrivals and wanting to add everything to my wardrobe IMMEDIATELY! Being unemployed though, as I am, none of this can be mine…yet.

Zara is definitely bringing their A-game for Spring/Summer. These are so beautiful I’d take (almost) any job in order to afford them.

Here are some of the items filling my digital shopping bag (can you tell I’m loving this pastel trend?!):

ZaraSweater with Appliques ~ Sky Blue Coat ~ Pointy Shoes with Ankle Strap ~Yellow Coat ~ Multi-Stones Necklace ~ Mini City Bag ~ Dress With Rhinestone Necklace ~ Geometric Print Trousers ~ Combined Leather High Heel Shoe ~ Dress with Box-Pleated Skirt ~ Knee-Length Fine Pleat Skirt ~ Turquoise Diamante Necklace ~ Pleated Print Skirt ~ Mini City Bag with Zip Detail

This is just the tip of the iceberg…but short of including two thirds of their stock I thought I’d only show the absolute favourites!

I’ll leave you with these beauties while I go and work on my resume…

Thanks for reading!



Christmas Wishlist!

Along with other people that have mentioned it (aka everyone), I can’t believe it’s already November! This year has flown by incredibly quickly and I can’t quite believe 2014 is almost here!
Now that Halloween has come and gone we’re officially allowed to be excited about Christmas yaaay!!

 Here are a few things that I wouldn’t mind Santa bringing to my house this year!


Emma Hardie Cleansing Balm ~ Zara Pink Coat ~ Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Serum ~ ASOS Dalmation Print CamiTopshop Bobble Hat ~ Topshop Grey Quilted Sweater ~ Topshop Blue Sweater ~ Grace: A Memoir ~ ASOS Onesie ~ Alexa Chung: IT

It seems I’m a bit of a fan of Topshop, ASOS, Amazon and Zara!
(who isn’t!?)

ASOS has a pretty cool Christmas gift guide on their website at the moment, with gift ideas for all the people in your life.  So if you’re struggling for some ideas check it out!  You can take a look at the gift guide here:

Of course my list above is just a wishlist of things I love, not a list of everything I’m expecting to wake up to on Christmas Day (though that would be brilliant)!!  There will no doubt be another list containing even more things I love between now and Christmas Day, I might do some gift ideas for loved ones as well, though I don’t want to give away what I’m buying anyone!

I’m a big Christmas fan and can’t wait to start decorating, put up the Christmas tree and buy presents for Rob and my family.  Last year for Christmas Rob and I were in Vancouver with no job, and no friends or family around so it will be nice to have some family around this year at least (and if we’re lucky maybe even the other two as well!).

What’s on your Christmas wishlist this year?

Thanks for reading!