Smiles All Round

FlowersJust a few of the beautiful flowers popping up in my Dads garden

We got engaged and then I disappeared for a week. How rude!

So where have I been?! Well, Rob and I went up to Rochdale (close to Manchester) to visit his family and to let them know the news. We drove up there and stayed for a few days. Those few days were full of late boozy nights, hanging out with family, sleeping in, showing off my engagement ring, a day out in York and shopping in my favourite mall…The Trafford Centre.

A few other things making me smile recently…

~ Getting emails from friends on the other side of the world, making you feel closer than you actually are.

~ All the Congratulations we’ve received regarding our engagement! Thank you!

~ Having a little black cat sneak into our house and surprise me by pushing my bedroom door open with his nose while I was watching YouTube videos! He was adorable, but realised pretty quickly that he doesn’t live here and left when I said hello!

~ Filling up on delicious tapas then ordering the best cheesecake I think I’ve ever had. It had a digestive biscuit base, honeycomb pieces, chocolate sauce and malteasers on top. I’m drooling just thinking about it!

~ The beautiful powder blue De’Longhi kettle and toaster gifted to us by Robs Mum. We’ve always admired them (any time we browse department stores picking furniture etc for our dream home…just us?!), but never thought we could afford any decent appliances! It may sound pretty sad but I can’t wait to use them! Oh the exciting life I lead…


I hope you all had a great weekend! Let me know what has been making you smile!



Break Out The Bubbly

On Sunday May 18th, Rob and I went up to the White Horse in Westbury,
where he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him!

And I said YES!






20142014 ~ Engaged!!

And of course I have to include a picture of the ring!

Engagement Ring



The ring belonged to my Grandmother, then my Mum. My Mum gave it to me a few months ago and Rob has had it ever since waiting for the right moment.

Because he didn’t buy a ring for me, he surprised me with the Michael Kors watch that I’ve been lusting over for about a year!
(I’m a pretty lucky girl I know)

Michael Kors watch

We’re up in Manchester at the moment to tell Robs side of the family, we’re so excited and happy to finally make it official! It feels a bit strange to say Rob is my fiancé, but also pretty amazing.

After a difficult year so far, it’s nice to have some good news for a change!


Bristol Motor Show

Hope you all had a good weekend! We had a delicious lunch at a local pub yesterday, I had salmon followed by a scrumptious chocolate brownie with vanilla ice cream. Vivianna Does Makeup just did a mouth watering video featuring a brownie recipe that I may just have to try sometime soon!
Last night we attempted to watch The Monuments Men…I say attempted because we stopped it just over half way through…I’m sorry George! It just wasn’t good…it could’ve been (and is a true story I wish was told properly) but you missed the mark on this one. Think Oceans 11 during WWII…not great.

Here’s a quick post with some more pictures from our day in Bristol over the bank holiday weekend:

While all the festivities were going on, and the Park & Slide was happening in the centre of Bristol, over on the outskirts at Cribbs Causeway was the Bristol Motor Show. We stopped by before heading home and took a couple of pictures of some cars we’ll never be able to afford! They were also showing some caravans so we checked them all out and chose our favourite, for that pretend trip we’ll be taking around the country!

They were also showing some cars from movies…Herbie, Noddy, Back To the Future, and The Dukes of Hazzard.

Bristol Motorshow

Bristol Motorshow

Bristol Motorshow

Bristol Motorshow

Bristol Motorshow

Bristol Motorshow

Bristol Motorshow

We expected there to be a lot of supercars but other than the Bentley’s and the Mclaren, the rest were all cars for people who were actually interested in buying…Mazda, Ford etc. Once we got our fill of caravans and cars we had lunch at Pizza Hut and I had a quick stop in Boots (where I picked up 3 of the Revlon ColorStay ShadowLinks 😀 ) before heading home!

Thanks for reading!